International Fingerprinting

International Fingerprinting

Your nation of residency has requested that you provide a criminal background check from Canada. Since the RCMP does not directly accept fingerprint submissions submitted from other nations, you are now stuck with finding a solution whether it be for employment, immigration, a visa application, admittance to an institute, or any other official purpose.

Here Canadian Immigration and Legal Services Inc. can be of assistance. We observed that many individuals, including yourself, were having difficulty obtaining their Canadian police clearance certificate. We acquired authorization from the RCMP to accept your fingerprints abroad in order to address this issue.

Submitting Your Fingerprints to RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) is Easier Than You Think!

We have handled with requests for criminal background check certificates for our sizable clientele who, like you, were looking for a dependable service. We provide manual and online submission options for your request for a criminal history check for your convenience.

Do I Need To Get A Check From The RCMP?

Depending on the needs of the authorities that ordered you to get your background check done from Canada, you could simply need a simple check. In this regard, We provides a variety of services, including a Level 2 Same Day Judicial Matters Check and a Same Day Background Check Based on Name and DOB. You may do both checks in one day, saving time and money.

How to submit an RCMP Record Check Request

Complete three simple steps to secure RCMP police clearance abroad:

01Complete Your Application

02Mail Us Your Fingerprints With The Payment Confirmation

03Receive Your Police Clearance Certificate