Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Our passport photo services are our area of expertise at our Photo Centre. In addition, we photograph individuals for the Green Card Lottery, applications for Canada immigration and permanent residency, as well as for citizenship, visas, and other official papers.

There are also digital pictures and visa photos accessible for every nation. We strictly adhere to all ID and picture requirements. You won't ever need to be concerned about providing ID or images that don't adhere to requirements.

3 Step Process

01No Appointment Needed

02Ready in 5 Minutes

03Guaranteed Approval

Canadian Passport/ Visa Photos

For passport, visa, and immigration reasons, Our picture Centre offers rapid and digital picture services. We have experience adhering to Canada's unique standards. Let us get your photographs authorised for use. There is no need for an appointment because we welcome walk-in clients. Toronto is a handy location for our office. We are eager to take your pictures. Send us an email or give us a call if you need further details.

Canadian Passport Photo requirements

SizeThe photo size must be 50mm x 70mm.
ColorBoth black and white or color photos are allowed.
Head size and positionThe centre of the picture should be where your head is. Additionally, your head and upper shoulders need to line up with the camera. Additionally, any shadows must be avoided, and your head must take up between 31mm and 36mm of the entire image.
RecencyIt must have been clicked within the last 6 months.
BackgroundA background that is entirely white or light in colour is crucial. However, nothing should be seen in the backdrop, including designs or medical equipment.
Expressionsadditional than neutral emotions, no additional facial expressions are permitted.
EyesAs per the photo requirements, widely open eyes are necessary for the photo.
GlassesAll you have to remember is that you have to be able to see your eyes and all of your facial characteristics. A picture of someone wearing sunglasses, glasses with tinted lenses, or glasses with thick frames will be disregarded.
HeadgearOnly if it is a requirement for your religion may you wear headgear. If wearing a medical gadget is something you are required to do, you will also need to present a note from your doctor that is signed. Your face, however, must not be obscured in any manner.
Dimension and Size (Pixel)Not specified.
Attire, clothing, dress codeWear whatever you like.
BeardThere are no limitations.
QualityThe picture must be printed on glossy, high-quality photo paper. Additionally, the flash must not distort the image.
LightingThe conditions have to be ideal enough to produce a sharp image. Additionally, you must be able to see yourself in the picture.
Digital AlternationsNo, images that have been digitally manipulated of any form won't be allowed. Even removing a red eye from a photo is not permitted.
HairEither wearing your hair up or down is acceptable.
Commercial PhotographerIf a professional photographer is submitting your photos, they must include their name, address, and signature on the back of both images.
CommentsYou must write the following information on the back of one of your photos: the applicant's name, the address of the picture studio, the date the photo was taken, the statement "I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant)" and a sign (guarantor's name and surname). However, if you are renewing a passport for an adult, you can exclude the guarantor's details and simply include the applicant's name, the location of the photo studio, and the date the photo was taken. Additionally, the photographer has the option of using a stamp or handwriting the studio address and date.
Quantity needed for application2