Business Immigration

Business Immigration

Business immigration is a branch of immigration law in Canada that assists foreign entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, start-ups, and high-net-worth people. Foreign nationals and their families may be granted permanent residency in Canada by bringing more foreign business to the country, investing in an existing one, or launching a new one.

Foreign businesspeople and investors must first seek permanent resident status in Canada in order to become Canadian citizens. After physically being in Canada for three years, only those who are permanent residents are eligible to apply for citizenship.

The following steps describe how to become a Canadian citizen through company ownership:

01Invest in a business

02Obtain work permit

03Operate business

04Apply for permanent residence

05Apply for citizenship

Can I buy Canadian citizenship?

No and yes. No, as there are no immigration schemes in Canada that would enable you to "buy citizenship" or "citizenship by investment." Yes, you must first invest in a Canadian firm (either acquire one already existing or start one from scratch), gain permanent resident status, and dwell in Canada for at least three years as a permanent resident before you may become a citizen of Canada via investment. Therefore, if foreign investors want to become Canadian citizens, they should first concentrate on becoming permanent residents. In this thorough guide, you can find out more about whether you may purchase Canadian citizenship.

What is Startup Visa Canada?

A start-up visa is an immigration program that allows founders of start-ups worldwide to obtain permanent residence in Canada by moving their companies or projects there. This program targets highly scalable and innovative companies that have the potential to compete on a global scale. If you have an innovative idea or tech company in your home country, this program can be an excellent option for you to relocate to Canada. You will need to secure funding from a designated organization and obtain a letter of support for your project.

Can I start a business in Canada without PR?

You do not have to be a Canadian permanent resident or citizen to register your company in Canada. However, you are not allowed to work in your business without having a valid work permit. It would help if you relied on Canadians to operate your business until you secured your authorization to work in Canada.