Self Employed

Self Employed

The Self-Employed Canadian visa offers a unique pathway for individuals with specific skills and expertise to establish and operate their own businesses in Canada. Unlike other visas, this category specifically targets professionals who are self-sufficient and can contribute culturally or athletically to Canadian society.

Eligibility Criteria

Relevant Experience
Applicants must have at least two years of experience in their field within the five years before applying. This experience must be either in cultural activities, athletics, or farm management.
Ability to be Self-Employed
The applicant must intend to be self-employed in Canada and demonstrate the ability to contribute significantly to their field.
Meet the Selection Criteria
Points are awarded based on age, education, experience, language ability, and adaptability. A minimum point threshold must be met to qualify.

Benefits of the Visa

Permanent Residency
Successful applicants receive Canadian permanent residency, which can eventually lead to citizenship.
Freedom to Operate
This visa provides the liberty to establish and run one's own business according to individual expertise and passion.
Access to Benefits
Once in Canada, individuals enjoy many of the same benefits as Canadian citizens, including health care and education.