Student Visa

Student Visa

In order to qualify for a student visa, you must apply to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and have received your acceptance letter for a particular course or program.

The additional requirements are as follows

  • Proof of funds to pay for the tuition fees and living expenses during the period of study
  • Have intentions to return to your home country after completing the specified study purpose
  • Must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada.
  • Must be in good health and may be required to complete a medical examination.

International students with student visa status are granted the ability to work and make an income for a maximum of 20 hours per week off-campus during their study semester but may work full-time during the study breaks. Alternatively, students may work on-campus for any duration. Under these conditions, you do NOT need a work permit.

Students successful in obtaining student visa status are allowed to bring their spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children to Canada during the duration of the visa. They will also obtain an Open Work Permit which grants them the ability to work for any employer in Canada and make an income without having to file an LMIA. More information can be found HERE.

Students may also extend their student visa status once their original study purpose concludes but must apply 30 days in advance. In the event that you lose your student visa status (ex. failing to meet the conditions specified under the study permit), you will be arrested and sent back to your country of origin unless you restore your status within 90 days.

Co-op/Internship Work Permit

For students who intend to complete a co-op or Internship program at their Designated Learning Institution (DLI), they must also acquire a Co-op/Internship Work Permit which informs the government that the student will be working under a student visa status to fulfill their study purpose. The following conditions apply to be eligible for a Co-op/Internship Work Permit.

  • Currently have student visa status or a valid study permit
  • The co-op/internship program has been authorized by the DLI
  • The co-op/internship is required to fulfill the program requirements specified under the study permit
  • The duration of employment must not exceed 50% of the total study program
  • The discipline of study is not primarily English or French or other general interest programs

The co-op/internship program is greatly beneficial for international students who intend to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry) program which grants Permanent Residency to those who have graduated from a Canadian DLI and have at least 1 year of full-time work experience.

Post-Graduate Student Work Permit

Upon graduating from a Canadian DLI, students may extend their student visa status by obtaining a post-graduate student work permit which is an Open Work Permit that allows them to work in Canada in any job for a maximum of 3 years. Similar to the co-op/intern work permit, this permit is greatly beneficial for those who intend to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry) program. The following conditions apply for a post-graduate student work permit:

  • You have or will be graduating from an eligible program at a Canadian DLI where you have completed full-time studies for at least 8 months prior to your application
  • Must apply within 90 days of receiving confirmation of successful completion of the academic program and notified of receiving your diploma, degree, or certificate
  • Currently hold a valid study permit

Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an express entry program that allows temporary foreign workers and international students who hold valid visas in Canada the ability to apply for permanent residency after completing the following conditions:

  • If applying under a Temporary Work Visa; 2 years of full-time work experience in Canada or as a student; 1 year of full-time work experience after graduating from a Canadian DIL
  • Worked in a Managerial, Professional, or Skilled and Technical job
  • Achieved the requisite English or French language proficiency benchmark
  • Apply within 1 year after completing your employment term in Canada

Once an applicant is successfully accepted into this program, they will need to undergo a final medical examination and obtain a security clearance after receiving their Invitation to Apply (ITA). If you need a security clearance, please contact us as we can provide you this service.