Work Permit & LMIA

Work Permit & LMIA

In order to work in Canada as a foreign worker, you must obtain a Temporary Work Permit. This permit will allow you to work legally and earn an income in Canada. The employer that hires a foreign worker is responsible for completing a LMIA. Alternatively, those with an Open Work Permit are not required to submit a LMIA on behalf of their employer.

To obtain an Open Work Permit, you must be a spouse or common-law partner or dependent child of:

  • A worker who is approved to work in Canada for six months or longer and performs a high-skill job; or
  • A student who is enrolled in full-time studies at a DLI under student visa status

Work Permit

We are experienced in work permit visa for the people who have:

  • Canadian work experience and
  • Foreign Worker who does not have Canadian work experience.

Foreign worker with Canadian work experience may be eligible for one of the following:

  • Skilled Worker Immigration
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Quebec Experience Class

Foreign Worker who does not have Canadian work experience

For Foreign Workers

If you have been offered a job in Canada by a Canadian employer or in Canadian business, we are here to help you to obtain your work permit and anything required for your visa ant permit. We are experienced in obtaining Canadian labour market impact assessment procedure to get your permit.

For Canadian Employers or Businesses

If you want to hire a foreign worker for the best of your company or for your business entities we work for you to make the process easy. We find the best way for your foreign employee to get a Canadian Work Permit.


It means Labour Market Impact Assessment. When a Canadian Employer want to hire a foreign national for his company or business entity then they need a Positive LMIA. It means hired person will not make any effect in Canadian Labour Market.

If you don’t find any suitable qualified person here in Canada for your business or for your company then you can hire a foreign worker. You have to prove the evidence that you tried to find a similar qualified person in Canada before you hire a foreign worker. The person will get the same salary as their counterpart in Canada. We help the employer and the business entity to process the LMIA application and help them in finding a suitable person for their Company or for their business entity.

High Wage / Low Wage LMIA

An employer can hire a foreign worker by offering to pay a low or high wage depending on the supply of workers qualified to do that job in Canada. A positive LMIA indicates there is a need for the foreign worker and the employer must pay at or above the median wage (high wage). Otherwise, the foreign worker may be hired at a wage below the provincial median wage (low age).

  • The employer must: complete the LMIA;
  • Prove no available applicants domestically

High Wage / Low Wage LMIA

Express Entry is considered the fastest and easiest way to immigrate to Canada. To qualify for the Express Entry system, you must be eligible for one of three immigration programs. These options include:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program, or
  • The Canadian Experience Class

For more information, see our immigration programs HERE.